Run commands and shell snippets on the remote hosts


  • Run executables on the remote hosts

  • Run shell scripts on the remote hosts


(shell options)



A hashmap of options. All available keys and their values are described below


required true
type string

    The command or shell snippet to run

type string

    Specify the shell to use to run the command. Default is bash.

required true
type string

    Supply a string argument to pass to the executing script as its standard input

type string

    Execute the command from within the specified directory.

    Path can be relative or absolute.

    Relative paths are specified in relation to the users home directory.

    Default :dir is "." (users home directory).

type string

    Specify the encoding of the commands output.

    Default is "UTF-8".

type hashmap

    Specify a hashmap of environment variables to set before executing the command.

    Environment variable names can be specified as keywords or strings.

type vectorlistlazy-seq

    Specify a list of files that the command will create.

    If these files exist on the remote host, the command will not be executed and the job execution will be marked as :ok.