Hi, I’m Crispin Wellington.

I am a Software Developer living in Perth, Western Australia.

I work as an independent consultant helping enterprises with their devops. I'm here to help you reduce pain, free your time and grow more quickly. I provide services both locally in Perth, and worldwide.

I can assist with Cloud Architecture, Infrastructure as Code, Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Bill Reduction, Monitoring and Alerting, and more.

A few of my favourite languages and tools include: Clojure, ClojureScript, Erlang, AWS, Digital Ocean, Postgres and Grafana.

I have created the tool spire to help ease the burden of my machine provisioning work and to gradually replace my use of ansible and terraform. I hope it will provide an option for other people wanting to use clojure for their devops.

I am also the creator of a backgammon web app backgammonbuddy.com which I made using using clojure, reagent and postgresql.